Kansas City LEsbian, Gay, and Allied Lawyers (“KC LEGAL”) is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) membership association of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (“LGBT”) and allied legal community in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Law students, paralegals and other members of the legal profession are encouraged to become associate members.

Our Mission

KC LEGAL is a nonprofit bar association committed to promoting and supporting the advancement of LGBTQ rights and uniting those within the Kansas City community who advocate for equality and justice.

KC LEGAL is committed to:

  • Promoting equality and inclusiveness in the legislature and judiciary;
  • Creating opportunities for members of the LGBTQ professional and legal community to meet in a supportive and empowering atmosphere;
  • Supporting the next generation of LGBTQ legal professionals through scholarship opportunities and personal engagement; and
  • Providing resources supportive of justice and equality to those in and around the Kansas City community.

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